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I am ITALIAN 5 ft 7 in tall, very
hairy. I enjoy having SEX with other men probably 7 times a day. but I
don't like to chase men anymore like I use to. I want men to chase me
and are interested in me because that way I know that a man wants me a
lot and cares a lot about me I need to know that. I don't believe in
roll playing plus I like mature Asian or Brasilian men between 18 to
29 years old. MY ZODIAC/HOROSCOPE SIGN IS..........Capricorn. MY GOOD
QUALITIES ARE....... caring, understanding, warm,sensitive, LOVING,
good hearted, down to earth, strong willed, strong silent type, very
easy going, very open minded, religious, ROMANTIC, very determined,
considerate, trustworthy, honest, good listener, VERY SEXUAL, sense of
humor and serious sometimes. MY FAVORITE FOODS ARE....... seafood,
chinese, italian. MY HOBBIES ARE........collecting swords, and native
American Indian stuff. MY LIKES ARE....... I love animals very much,
REAL PEOPLE, going on walks, going to the beach, picnics, theatre,
CUDDLING I like having a man in my arms, A LOT OF PASSIONATE KISSING I
love kissing guys alot,bar-B-cueing, quite times, bike riding,
boating. I especially LOVE music alot, love songs,Italian Opera.WHAT
TURNS ME ON ABOUT A MAN IS.......... showing off his HUGE BULDGE
wearing tight jeans and the way he shakes/wiggles his ass ,but must be
a ethnic man Asian and Brasilian and very young handsome pretty boys
18 to 29 year olds with hour glass figures and a slim/thin

What I am looking for

WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A MAN IS.... A Asian or Brasilian
ethnic man 18 to 29 years of age that is clean cut,who likes sex alot
, smiles all the time,romantic,loving,caring,cuddling,some hair on his
chest also a treasure trail going down into his pants from under his
belt, what a huge turn on for me,muscular,agressive,HUNG and THICK
manmeat........... that has good qualities as trustworthy,honest,open
minded,understanding,good hearted,good listener.,who has a nice thin
stomach, that loves animals alot,and likes going to the
beach,movies.walks,laying in bed completely naked kissing a
lot,picnics.Someone who loves to be loved and Really Needs Me.