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Im a big guy, In the 300s. I use to weigh in at 581 four years ago. Im working on getting to 240ish. I love to be with friends and family. I hate being stuck in the house for long periods of time inless Im doing something useful. Im trying to get a company off the ground. I want to live the wealthy life style. and I love being a romantic perso. I love to cuddle and spoil my girlfriend. Im single and looking for someone to spoil and have a great long relationship.
Music: I listen to just about everthin. My two favorite are country and hip hop.
TV: I dont really watch to much tv, My televison is always on but I usaully have it on for some background noise.
Sports: GreenBay and BSU ffotball
Interests: Im a car and truck kinda guy. Anything lifted, lowered, fast, stylish and sound systems really get me!!!
Movies: About everything
BestFeatures: My eyes, smiles and personality
Dreams: To be able to continue to get my business off the ground and be succesful!

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