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here is some things you might want to know about me before you even bother talking to me, currently I..m single and 20, well lets see I like Music, mostly techno. I also like games and such like most males my age, Im pretty much interested in life itself really, I like to go out but most of my friends are busy to hang out so im a bear hidden in my cave at home most of my time. I do some web design. also I like to watch movies and such but again I have no friends to go with, suppose there too poor to do anything or just lazy themselves to go out. but if you want to hang out, do something or get to know me better just let me know. well hope you leave a comment or something ^^.. have a pleasant day.
HighSchool: Post Falls High School
College: North Idaho College
JuniorHighSchool: Anchorage Christian School
ElementarySchool: Susitna Elementary School
Music: alot of music anything besides oldies
TV: I'd have to say Family guy. other than that I rarely watch Tv
Sports: I have to say Soccer is my favorite sport, even though I was in football my high school year I still preferred Soccer over anything.
Interests: everything really, Im the type of guy who is willing to try anything once... just not something stupid like drugs~
Movies: Too many to name =3
BestFeatures: Not sure you tell me
Dreams: Someday I'll find that special someone that I have been saving myself for ^-^

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