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I work full time have a dream of what I want to do it just hasn't arrived the same nights I do. Ready for anythin and everything outside inside, keeping myself in check while lettin anythin come at me so my life isn't dull. Adventure is out there you just have to go find it, it don't come to you. enjoy night outs dinners coffee dates going through just kicking back relaxing
HighSchool: Nampa Senior High School
Music: Country, Heavy Rock, pretty much everythin those 2 are the most of what i listen too, but never afraid to listen to anything. I even got ICP on my playlist so I'll listen to it all
Sports: I'll do any sport that has contact played lacrosse, football and judo Favorite NFL team New Orlean Saints Don't have a favorite lacrosse team just love to watch it
Interests: Anything outdoors i'll do it working out hanging out just kicking back working on my work in progress truck if its rattling don't worry it won't be for long.
Movies: Action, Horror, Comedy, will.... will watch chick movies just not by my self and my pants would have to be glued to the couch lol just kidding girls, always up for a movie night at home or at the movies
BestFeatures: Me: arms & chest Everyone else: telling me your ass & eyes (everyone has their own option)
Dreams: Owning my own Ranch

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