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I've been in a band, I've had my heart broken, I've dug myself a pit of despair and willingly jumped in. Well, now it's time to get out. This is up to me, and I know I can do it. Will you help me?
Music: I like it when my music doesn't talk about clubs or having sex. When it actually wants to say something that isn't self absorbed, I like music that challenges me. Also, instrumental music is rad!
TV: I try not to watch tv too often, I like weird, offbeat cartoons though.
Books: R.A. Salvatore The Legend of Drizzt series. Good books are hard to put down. Give me an addicting plot, do it little by little until some crazy details that I didn't notice jump out of nowhere to surprise me.
Sports: I like to play ultimate frisbee from time to time. Other than that, longboarding and biking, those aren't really sports.
Interests: Computer stuff, video games, D&D, current affairs, some politics, knowing the what and why of stuff that's going on.
Movies: I like comedy movies, or movies that BLOW MY MIND.
BestFeatures: Mentally: When I legitimately get into a conversation it becomes a mental exercise for me, it's also my weakness, I tend to over-analyze things sometimes. Physically: I can eat a lot without getting fat, and my face doesn't look like it got whacked with the ugly stick.
Dreams: To finally figure out what I want to do with my life and, well, DO IT! There are so many paths, which one should I walk?

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